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We Obey All Copyright Laws

It is our intention to obey all U.S. and international copyright laws:

  • For the reasons detailed below, it is our belief that the use of small, low-resolution images on this free website constitutes Fair Use.
  • However, immediately upon notice by copyright holders, we will remove offending materials or provide proper credit, as detailed below.
  • Users who submit content certify that they have obeyed all copyright laws, as detailed below.
  • Rules for the use or distribution of content from our website are detailed below.

Copyright Holders

If you find uncredited content on our website to which you hold the copyright, please contact us immediately by clicking here. At your option, we would be pleased to do any of the following:

  • Immediately remove the offending material from our site.
  • Add the appropriate photo credit and copyright notice.
  • Add a link to your website and/or e-mail address, or to a website through which our users may purchase merchandise related to the content.

Submitting Copyrighted Materials

Copyright laws require the following:

  • If you submit text or graphics from another source (book, website, etc.), you MUST tell us the source of the content and, if available, the creator and/or copyright holder of the material.
  • If you submit text that is a direct quote from another source, you MUST make it clear that it is a direct quote and provide the name of the person and/or source (book, website, movie, etc.) being quoted.

If you submit content to this website and do not provide the above information, we will assume that either a) you hold the copyright to this content, b) you have permission from the copyright holder to post the content, c) the content is in the public domain, or d) posting the content falls within the Fair Use clause of international copyright laws.

If you submit content to this website and do not provide the information we need to avoid copyright infringement, you accept full liability for any legal action resulting from such infringement.

Fair Use

It is our belief that the use of small, low-resolution images on this free educational/historical website constitutes Fair Use. We believe this for the following reasons:

  • Content on this website is always free to the user.
  • The primary purpose of this website is educational and historical.
  • Images of the people involved in the historical events chronicled on this website are an indispensable part of the educational information provided. This is specifically true on this website because the average user would not recognize many of the celebrities listed here by name, but would recognize them by face.
  • Our website promotes the interest in and purchase of materials related to each subject, materials that our users may purchase directly through the ads on our website. Therefore, our use of images directly benefits the copyright holder of materials related to the person or creative work displayed.
  • Whenever possible, we attempt to limit ourselves to official publicity photographs released to the world by studios or agencies for the purpose of promoting the person pictured and/or the creative work from which the image was taken.
  • We do not offer for sale or otherwise generate revenue from the images on this site.
  • In every case, it is believed to be unlikely that an alternate free licensed work currently exists or can be created.

Use of Our Content by Others

You may use or distribute content from this website only under the following guidelines:

IMAGES: As stated above, images on this website are used here under a claim of Fair Use. Use of these images by others without the permission of the copyright holder of each image may constitute infringement of the intellectual property rights of the copyright holder(s), and may subject the offender to both civil and criminal liabilities.

TEXT: All text on this website is Copyright 1998-2010 OTVS, LLC. You may post this information on your website or distribute it by e-mail ONLY if you list as your source AND include a link to this website. Any other use of this material is by permission only.

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