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Peter Firth and the Firth Family
English actor Peter Firth (1985's Lifeforce, "Sir Harry Pearce" on the BBC's Spooks / MI5) is NOT related to fellow English actors (and brothers) Colin Firth (2010's The King's Speech) and Jonathan Firth (2000's An Ideal Husband), or their actress/vocal coach sister Kate Firth. Click here to learn more about Colin Firth & Siblings

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 3:10 pm
Peter Firth is an excellent actor and MI 5 is a superb series. I have a British born mother so I watch as many of the English Dramas as I can on Netflix and MI 5 is by far the best series I have ever seen. They are superb. I just wish they'd stop killing off or sending away favorite actors or actresses because we get emotionally attached to them through the MI 5 storylines.

NO matter, I'll continue Watching until the stories are all gone.

Thank you Netflix for allowing us to have the opportunity to be able to view such superb acting.

Shaye Padgham

Submitted by: Shaye Padgham