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The Families Behind Archie Comics
A cover of the classic comic book

The company that publishes Archie comics was founded in 1939 by John L. GoldwaterLouis Silberkleitand Marcus Coyne.  In 1983, John’s son, Richard Goldwater, and Louis’s son, Michael Silberkleit, took the reins. Michael worked as chairman and co-publisher, while Richard served as president and co-publisher. After Richard's death in 2007 and Michael's in 2008, Michael's widow, Nancy Silberkleit, joined Archie Comics as co-CEO, along with another of Louis's sons (and Richard's half-brother), Jonathan Goldwater

Unfortunately, the latest generation of Goldwaters and Silberkleits experienced friction in their working relationship, and in 2011 they sued each other, alleging defamation, unprofessional conduct, and other misdoings. At one point, Nancy was banned from the company headquarters by court order. Happily, they were able to work things out, and in 2012 an amicable settlement left both officers in their respective positions.

The Goldwaters happen to be distant relatives of U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater.


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