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The Custers' Last Stand
Thomas Custer died alongside his brother, George Custer, and other family members at Little Bighorn.
Custer's Last Stand, in which George Armstrong Custer and his entire company were wiped out by Native American warriors at Little Big Horn in 1876, was actually a family affair. Thomas Custer, who had also been a Civil War soldier, died beside his older brother. Thomas had his own claim to fame, having been the first American soldier to win two Medals of Honor. On the other hand, he had actually been arrested by his own brother for ignoring orders. He became George's aide-de-camp in the last year of the war. Their youngest brother, Boston Custer, had been too ill to fight in the Civil War, but joined them out west as a civilian contractor. Their young nephew, Henry Armstrong Reed, served as an orderly. All perished at Little Big Horn. Boston and Henry should have been kept at the rear lines, but were allowed to accompany the soldiers due to their family ties. George, Thomas, Boston, and Henry were known among their fellow Indian Fighters as "the Custer Clan."     

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